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 'Woman knitting by the Window', 1902
by Peter Vilhelm Ilsted (1861-1933)

Skandinavisk scented candles

Scandinavians burn more candles than any other nation on earth, 
and it's easy to see why when they smell as lovely as Skandinavisk's scented candle
This gently-scented candles reflect the cosiness of Danish living. They are made 
from natural and mineral wax with a 100% cotton wick. The perfume 
is produced in Grasse in the South of France
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The Fjord candle with notes of woods and wild berries, 
captures the scent of coniferous forests, waterfalls and the abundance 
of flora found in the majestic west Norwegian fjords

Ro captures the scent of Scandinavian tranquility, 
peace and calm, and subtly infuses the room with the gentle 
notes of fresh cut grass and tree fruit

The Ö scent captures the the breezy 
scent of the archipelagos

The Sommer candle with notes of lavender and lily of the valley, 
captures the floral scent of a Swedish summer, with meadows bursting 
with flora and fauna and invigorating and days that never end

The København scent captures the urban bliss
of one of the world's most desirable cities, where bicycles,
cobbled streets and seafaring history mix in perfect
symbiosis with contempory urban living

Oluf Hartmann (1879-1910)

Jacob fighting the Angel

Danish tortoiseshell combs, ca. 1900

Danish tortoiseshell comb, Skønvirke floral silver mounting, ca. 1900. 
The maker is S.S. for Simon Sørensen

 Evald Nielsen (1879-1958) - Skønvirke hair comb. Gold, carved
tortoiseshell and Lapis Lazuli, ca. 1900

 Evald Nielsen (1879-1958) - Skønvirke hair comb. Silver,
tortoiseshell and Lapis Lazuli, ca. 1900

Thit Jensen (1876-1957)

'To mother from Thit, 1903. This year my first
Book 'Two Sisters' was published'
Photo by Emil Clausen (1874-1949) 

Maria Kirstine Dorothea Jensen (called Thit Jensen) (1876-1957) was
 a Danish novelist, but also author of short stories, plays and society critical 
articles. She was the daughter of a veterinarian in Farsø and sister to Danish author 
Johannes Vilhelm Jensen. She was married from 1912–1918 to the painter Gustav Fenger
She wrote about erotic and social themes and fought forwomen's rights. In 1924 she 
founded the "Foreningen for Seksuel Oplysning", the Organization for Sexual 
Awareness,  in whichDr. Leunbach performed abortions. She was 
personally against abortion, but felt that women needed to have a 
choice. She was highly criticized for this belief. Jensen was 
awarded the Tagea Brandt Rejselegat in 1935 and 
with the Holberg Medal in 1940

Thit Jensen with her brother Johannes V. Jensen (1873-1950).
He was also an author, often considered the first great 
Danish writer of the 20th century. He was awarded 

Thit Hensen, 1909 (?)

Photo by Geert Bardrum (1926-94)

Zeuthen red clay pottery teapot

 A large danish Zuethen red clay pottery teapot with 
glazed white flowers and a glazed white handle. Marked 
Zeuthen and made in Denmark

from House of Seance, Etsy


Lorents Aage Nagelhus (1935-)

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Mot hav
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Viking wedding cake toppers

A super cute, miniature Scandinavian viking wedding couple for 
your collection, as a decoration or use as wedding cake toppers. They are made 
out of wood, silver tone metal, faux fur, card stock and felt. The horns are hand 
cut out of card stock. Purchase the happy couple at studioLISE

The Nærøyfjord in Norway

Nærøyfjorden in Norway
Photo by Karamell

The Nærøyfjord (or Nærøyfjorden) is a fjord in the municipality of Aurland 
in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. The narrow fjord is a branch of the large  Sognefjord
and it is featured on the "Norway in a Nutshell" daytrips for tourists. The 18-km 
long fjord (11 mi) is only 500 metres (1,600 ft) wide in some parts

 Anders Askevold (1834–1900):
'Bakka in the Nærøyfjord', 1892

Norwegian at Nærøyfjorden wearing a bunad

 Anders Askevold (1834–1900):
'The Steamer calls at Bakka in Nærøyfjorden'

Postal Route, Gudvangen-Bakka, 1880s-1890s
Photo byAxel Lindahl (1841–1906)

Photo by Frédéric de Goldschmidt 

'Spring Pictures of young Girl', 1930

by Søren Onsager (1878-1946)



Emelie von Walterstorff (1871–1948)

Womens' costume, Medelstads härad, Blekinge

In the Nordiska museets/Nordic Museum's archives one can find a variety 
of watercolours and sketches of Swedish costumes. The images are an important 
source for the study of Swedish folk costumes from both a costume as well as a cultural 
historical perspective. The pictures are in most cases from the mid-1800s and carried out 
by our more or less known artists but one of rge well-know artists was Emelie von Walterstorff. 
She was Swedish artist, textile researcher and amanuens - teaching assistant - at the Nordic Museum 
in Stockholm between 1903 and 1933. Emelie von Walterstorff belonged to an old Danish noble 
family and her education she carried out at the Tekniska skolan (now Konstfacksskolan) in 
Stockholm. Subsequently, she was active as a teacher at the Tekniska skolan and as a 
draftsman at the cultural history museum in Lund. In 1903 began she working 
at the Nordic Museum where she made numerous watercolours 
on catalog cards of folk  art objects

 Emelie von Walterstorff in room of the textile collection at Nordiska museet. 
unknown photographer, Nordiska museet

 Bridal glove from Dalarna for Nordiska Museet
Learher with silkembroidery

Part of womes' dress, Leksand, Dalarna
Nordiska Museet

A summer dress for a small girl from Gagnef, Dalarna

Leather gloves with embroidery from Blekinge with fur inside
Nordiska Museet

Sunday afternoon costume, Ny socken, Värmland

Vintage Elsa Beskow postcards

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How to make a traditional Finnish birch bark ring

This birch barch ring is made by Johanna

The tutorial is from the blog Jokkemaa

Swedish vintage leather boots

 A pair of stunning vintage leather boots made in Sweden. Unused.
They are camel brown with rubber soles. There is a size EU 40 (US 9) 
on them - but they fit a EU size 39 (US 8.5)

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Vintage postcards by Kaapo Virtanen

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