Have a blessed Easter weekend!

by Eeli Jaatinen

Painting Easter eggs...

Egg painting by Artelius

Hedvig Rosendahl - Glad Påsk - Happy Easter

Vintage postcard signed E E-n
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Swedish egg cups

 Charming egg cup set of 6, handmade from wood.
Lovely vintage items to use in your home - a set of six

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Christian August Printz (1819-1867)

Grey Partridge with chickens 1862

Rooster, Hen, Chickens and Cat, 1858

Elsa Beskow (1874-1953)

 Bagare och höns  - The baker and hens

Rairai cotton fabric from Marimekko

Rairai cotton fabric with colourful eggs and chickens

Made with 100% cotton, this fabric is durable and easy to clean. 
Use it to create pillows, clothes, sheets, curtains, 
or whatever your heart can imagine.

Designed by Maija Louekari

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Happy Easter!

by Stina Brommé

Icelandic easter eggs

Icelandic easter egg with a lot of candy...

Kirsti Liimatainen (1901-64)

Swedish wooden candle holder

Small vintage wooden handpainted candle holder from 
Sweden in perfect condition - it says SPRING!

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Eco-day with dancing cows

Jenny Nyström

Only a few days ago farms all over Denmark once more opened their doors 
for the public - like they do every year - when the organic cows were let out on grass. 
In Denmark, organic cows have a right to be put out to pasture. That might be why 
they jump, spring and dance in playfulness, when they at noon were let out 
on the spring green grass after a winter in the stables

Playful and spring happy cows that shake their udders over the sheer joy  
of being set out to green aromatic pastures. This entertaining sight attracts  
thousands of curious visitors to 'Økodag'/Eco-day every year

 Eco-day - the cows' spring feast 

 Haaaappy cows!

Time to go...

28 May 1986. Holy Thursday Blåsbo - Anna Wiklund, three years old 
in May- together with her cousin and idol Josefine Ström (seven years old ), 
on her first 'påskkäring'/Easter witch walk. Sweden.
Photo Ulf Axelson/vlt arkiv

More wonderful Swedish Easter witches

Helga Sjöstedt (1908-79)

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Easter is just around the corner...

Easter branches decorated with feathers...påskris

Sweet vintage Swedish Easter postcard, 1911

Easter decoration (birch twigs decked with yellow feathers)
Photo by Jon Pallbo

Basket with eggs and 'påskris'
Fackskolan för huslig ekonomi, Uppsala
Photo by Gunnar Sundgren, 1930s

Jenny Nyström

Rolf Lidberg

A sweet Easter witch - påskkärring - with 'påskris'

Jenny Nyström

Sámi Easter Festival

Saami wedding. Finnmark, Norway, n.d.
 Photo by Elisabeth Meyer (1899-1968), Preus Museum

Traditionally Easter was the time of year when the reindeer-herding 
Sámi gathered in the towns of Karasjok and Kautokeino to celebrate the 
end of winter. Easter was also a time for weddings. Today celebrations are 
still religious in character, but Easter is also a time when Sami culture takes centre 
stage, with many events taking place in both Karasjok and Kautokeino. 
The Sámi Grand Prix and the annual reindeer race are two of 
the highlights, but other events include concerts, 
theatre performances and exhibitions

and see what is going on...

Reindeer pulling sledge, Saami Easter, Norway

Reindeer racing at the Easter Festival, Norway

 Saami family at spring (Easter) celebration. 
Attribute Mortsan

Sami handicrafts at the Easter Festival in Kautokeino
 in Northern Norway - Photo: Jørn Tomter

Sámi camp in Karasjok Norway - possibly late 1800s

Spring balloooooooooooons...

by Maja Synnergren

Aina Stenberg Masolle
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Evalisa Agathon Jaije

Doris Klaile Lindholm

Erik Lange (1876–1946): 'A Sign of Spring', 1920