Harriet Backer (1845-1932)

Chez Moi - a detail

'Portrait of Harriet Backer'
by Christian Krohg (1852-1925)

Harriet Backer (1845-1932) was a Norwegian painter who achieved 
recognition in her own time and was a pioneer among female artists both in the 
Nordic countries and in Europe generally. She is best known for her detailed interior 
scenes, communicated with rich colors and moody lighting. She studied in Paris and  
Munich, and was influenced by impressionism, though her work is mostly classified as realist
She never belonged to any school but her work is often compared with that of her friend  
Eilif Peterssen. Harriet Backer worked in the tradition of realism in painting, where she 
is regarded as both a naturalist and an early Impressionist. From 1889-1912, 
she operated an art school and was an influence on a number of younger 
artists including Marie Hauge, Lars Jorde and Henrik Lund. She also 
gave art lessons to the novelist Cora Sandel

Blue Interior

Shoemakers from the small Village

Woman sewing

Portrait by Cecilie Dahl, 1888

Portrait of Eva H. Sars, 1888

Oslo Museum

Birger Kaipiainen (1915-88)

A ceramic dish
Signed Birger Kaipiainen, Arabia 1942


Birger Kaipiainen (1915-88) was a Finnish ceramist and designer.
Kaipiainen graduated from the Central School of Arts and Crafts of Helsinki.
After that he went to work for Finnish ceramics company Arabia.
Kaipiainen worked as a designer for Arabia over fifty years

A piece from Paratiisi - Paradise - tableware
set which Kaipiainen designed in 1960s

Wallpaper from the factory Pihlgren and Ritola

Swedish Burl birch wood bowl

Adorn your table or shelf with a little piece of Sweden. 
This little object will bring you a whisper from the Scandinavian 
countryside, a little bit of earthy, folksy, artisanal joy
Size: 12,5 cm x 10cm x 5 cm/5" x 4" x 2"

'Children of the Forest' dolls

 This play set goes along with Elsa Beskow's picture book 'Children of the Forest'. 
It is a wonderful addition to the book for a child who loves the Toadstool Children 
and their adventures. The play set is designed for play (3+). The children's 
bodies are made of wire and 100 % wool, so they 
can be moved and positioned as desired

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From 'Children of the Forest'
by Elsa Beskow


Hej - hi!

 Akseli Gallén-Kallela (1865-1931):
'Autumn Forest', 1902

I hope you're doing fine! I've been at a friend's 
flat in the other end of town - great to see something
else that my own flat! The weather here in Denmark
ate warm and wet - and rather dark. I miss
the first frost and a clear blue sky!

 Akseli Gallén-Kallela (1865-1931):
'Lake View in Autumn'

The Raft, 1908

'Skiing with Mr Brisk' Moomin mug, Winter seasonal 2014

I collect Moomin Winter seasonal mugs -
I simply can't help it - they are always so sweet...
and such a great size for a cup of glögg...or coffee

This years Winter seasonal collection features the Moomin family trying 
their hand at Winter sports. After trying to hibernate for the winter none of 
the Moomins feel tired, so with the help of Moominpappa who helps them out of 
their snowed in home, they get out into the snow. This is the first time Moomintroll has 
seen snow. They are all getting cold and slipping about when Moominpappa meets 
a funny looking man who calls himself Mr Brisk. He is putting on a Winter 
competition in Moominvalley and eagerly tries to train the Moomins but 
they soon find out they are not that good at exercise and its a bit 
dangerous. It is only Mymble that carries on due 
to falling in love with Mr Brisk...

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The Davvi Arctic Lodge

 The Davvi Arctic Lodge is an authentic and remote resort in Lapland -
Karesuando, Finland. With comfortable rooms, atmospheric cabins and luxury 
suites on offer, they have a range of accommodation options to suit every guest.
The Davvi Arctic Lodge is also perfectly located for a whole host of Arctic 
adventures and Finnish experiences. Whether you are travelling in summer 
or winter we’ve got everything from canoeing on a wilderness lake to 
riding a snowmobile in search of the northern lights

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...open year round...

 The wooden cabins are conveniently situated within the hotel grounds. 
The traditional timber-built buildings are cosy and are 
all en-suite (shower, WC) with a private sauna 

The Davvi Arctic Lodge hotel rooms are set on two floors in 
a wing that extends from the main building. Perfect for couples, singles and 
pairs, the rooms are simply furnished, warm and comfortable - 
ideal for relaxing after the days activities

New to the Davvi Arctic Lodge, The Aurora House takes your arctic experience 
to new levels, with a choice of superior and deluxe rooms to choose from, each equipped 
with added comforts for your stay. With a total of just four rooms, these exclusive 
rooms are perfect for those looking for something extra special.

This is sumptuous Scandinavian chic, a standard unparalleled within 
the Davvi Arctic Lodge and rarely found elsewhere in Finland. For the ultimate 
in comfort, the whole house can be booked, offering two spacious suites, 
each with their own private entrance

Vintage Saami children's shoes

Beautiful vintage handmade Saami shoes. Made of white reindeer and 
rabbit fur with coloured felt details. The shoes have an European size 22. 

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Ellisif Ranveig Wessel (1866-1949)

Two Saami boys from Sør-Varanger, Norway before 1900. 

Ellisif Ranveig Wessel, née Müller (1866-1949) was a Norwegian writer, 
trade unionist and politician for the Labour Party.  She started a documentary effort, 
especially as a photographer of the scenery and human life. Her documentation of the  
Sami culture, among others in the 1902 book 'Fra vor grændse mod Rusland', 
has been deemed "invaluable". When travelling around she also became more 
aware of the widespread poverty in the region, and became a political 
activist. Having voted Liberal in her early adulthood, she aligned 
with the Labour Party from 1904

Portrait of Ellisif Ranveig Wessel

 Two women and a man photographed in front of a joint sod hut
Vestre Jakobselv, Nesseby sogn, ca. 1900

Group photo from a wedding in Boris Gleb, Russia. 
To the left is the priest Tchecoldin, the bride is his daughter. 
To the right is Andreas Wessel. The photo is from ca. 1897

Marit Banne with her daughter Inga, ca. 1897.
Inga is lying in a so-called 'komse'


See you soon....

Edvard Munch (1863-1944): 'Rain', 1902

The autumn vacation is here!
I'm going away for a while - so enjoy autumn
till I see you again!

'The potato vacation' is next week...

Carl Larsson: 'Potato Harvest'

In Sweden and in Denmark the autumn vacation (in week 42)
was called 'The potato vacation'  - potatislov/kartoffelferien. It was
the week where children in the countryside didn't go to school so they 
could stay at home and  help with the potato harvest. Long
and cold days - not what we would call a vacation!

Children help with the potato harvest in Denmark
Photo: Odense Bys Museer

 Figurine from Royal Copenhagen

Danish potato harvest in the 1930s

Anders Zorn (1860-1920):
'Woman peeling Potatoes - Interior with Woman', 1916

Peeling potatoes to make potato pancakes
Swedish photo by Nils Keyland (1867–1924)

The Swedish version of unbound potato pancakes is called 'rårakor'.
When prepared with a batter of wheat flour, milk, egg, and shredded potatoes 
and fried like thin pancakes, they are called raggmunk, the word 'ragg' means 
crispy and "munk" derives from the Swedish 'munkpanna', which is 
literally translated as donutpan. Both kinds are enjoyed 
with fried pork and lingonberry jam

Raggmunk by Composed by Bach