Lena Nicolajsen's Christmas ornaments

The angle is hanging with closed eyes. The striped figurines are wearing hats. 
Every figurine is handmade in Akiko’s wooden workshop and painted by 
hand in Lena Nicolajsen’s studio. 'By hand' consists of figurines, 
all signed  in the bottom and all completely unique

 Made and designed by Lena Nicolajsen in corporation with the
talented japanese furniture designer Akiko Kuwahata

 Lena Nicolajsen's shop is here

 Lena Nicolajsen about herself:

'I’m based in Copenhagen, Denmark and I’ve lived here for the past 15 years. 
My origin is far from my life today. I was brought up on the Faroe Islands – a small 
country way out in the North Atlantic Ocean. My upbringing was based on traditions 
and my culture, but I was taught to look outside my own life and experience 
the world. I always seek to make people think and 
experience something of their own'


The Christmas tree is standing in the middle of the living room. 
Ready to receive the decoration and the family to dance around it and
 sing Christmas carols. The wood family is unique, signed and 
handmade in Denmark by the designers themselves

Cool Christmas from Broste Copenhagen

 Broste Copenhagen's stylist has interpreted 'The Nordic way of Christmas' 
and with a few products and simple aesthetics you can easily do the same and 
create your very own Nordic Christmas. Choose larch, succulents, eucalyptus 
branches and mix it all with metallics, woods and ceramics. Tie it all 
together with some beautiful grosgrain ribbon or velour string...

 Here is Broste Copenhagen's website - for more inspiration

Put on your skis...

 God jul by Elsa Hammer

Anna-Lisa Carlsson, Helsingborg, Sweden, 1914

Man and woman on a ski trip by O. Jespersen ca. 1894

by Aina Sand

Two Women skiing, ca. 1900
Nasjonalbiblioteket / National Library of Norway

by Jenny Nyström

by Jenny Nyström

Three Women skiing, ca. 1900
Nasjonalbiblioteket / National Library of Norway

 Maja Beskow (1877–1964) worked as an art teacher at Umeå secondary
school during the years 1900-33. She was the first female grammar school
 teacher. Beskow was also one skilled watercolourist as well
as an avid and good amateur photographer

Semmy Nyström

Christmas elf...

The elf is a contemporary Christmas-icon that is created with 
inspiration from the legends of the elf as family and farm protector.
The elf from Danish Applicata is in natural oak. Comes in 3 
sizes: Small, Medium and Large.. The charming Christmas 
elf designed by Signe Blomquist

Applicata's website is here


By Eva Melhuish

Eva grew up in Sweden and her Scandinavian roots are a key influence. 
She is best known for her atmospheric Christmas illustrations and winter scenes. 
These are well known throughout Scandinavia and published widely on 
greeting cards and magazines.

'I remember my childhood in Sweden vividly', she recalls. 
'The forests and lakes, and the magical winters. Natural landscapes 
have always played an important part in my work and my life'.

By Eva Melhuish's gallery
and website 

Light up tables and windows...

 I just put up my Christmas star in the Kitchen window...
there's few better ways to make your home look warm and inviting 
around the Christmas holidays than beautiful festive Christmas lights.
Soooo...light up tables and windows with a Stråla lamp from IKEA - 
the light shines through the paper and gives a soft and cosy 
glow cosy glow - hanging from the ceiling or in a 
window go here for shopping

Vintage postcards by Oili Pohjola

Oversized Christmas stockings...

These oversized Christmas Sock series from By Nord are made in 
100% cotton canvas with a digital b/w print of a moose, wolf or deer 
with inlaid batting. Hang it by the fireplace, on the wall or on 
a doorknob and surprize the small ones... 

from By Nord


Christmas market in Åsens, sweden

Åsens by Culture Reserve is an example of what a Småland village 
looked like 100 years ago, with small fields enclosed by fences. Horses are 
 used for some of the farm in the old days... 

The first weekend in Advent - on November 29 and 30, 
between 11 and 17 o'clock - they arrange a Christmas market in Åsens. 
Approximately 30 artisans and exhibitors are in place in the cultural reserve; there 
are wonderful Christmas scents and flavours mixed a trip with horse carriage, 
cramming and crafts. And perhaps himself Father Christmas pops up...

Go here for more info - in Swedish

Snow lantern by Unto Ahjotuli

Finnish fire candle holders

 In modern style with the addition of the relaxing fire candle holders 
designed by Nathalie Lahdenmäki for iittala. These amazing little votives 
feature a modern shape, sleek lines and the charming scene of a Finnish winter 
played out along the sides. Nathalie Lahdenmäki got her inspiration for 
it from the Finnish way of making your own ice lantern outside

Purchase the candle holders here