Go' sommerferie - Happy summer holidays, everyone!

It's time for summer holidays...also for me!
I am closing the blog down for a fortnight - wish you all, happy holidays 
and enjoy as much as you can; relax, travel, see good friends...everything
that makes you happy! God sommerferie fra København!
Happy summer holiday greetings from Copenhagen!

Have fun!

From: Elsa Beskow's Petter och Lotta på äventyr' 
Peter and Lotta's Adventure


  Elsa Beskow's illustration from Lisa's Future Plans from ''Vill du läsa?, I'

Peter Hansen: 'Harvest', 1901

Finnish harvesting...

Martta Wendelin (1893-1986) 
Kotiliesi, nr 16, 1941

The Finnish reaper-binder (shown here), where you sat on an iron saddle, 
was complex and more rare than the mowing machine, 1942

Albert Edelfelt: 'Girl with a Rake', Study for 'August', 1886

Albert Edelfelt: 'Girl with a Rake', Study for 'August', 1886

Harvesting in Finland in 1925 Norway...

Norwegian Haymakers, ca. 1915

Loading hay - photo by Paul Stang

Hay-making photo by Paul Stang

Harvest in Jølster in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway.
Photo by Axel Lindahl, ca. 1890

...and in Sweden...

Ven, Skåne, Sweden

by Johan Öhman

by Karl Örbo (1890-1958)

Photo taken in 1926 by Lina Persson
Please, go to the website 'Välkommen till Lajksjö' and see all
the names of the persons in the photo

Haymaking, Almo, Dalarna, Sweden

These photos are from
Swedish National Heritage Board

Bringing in the hay, Hallsberg, Närke, Sweden

Haymaking, Lekaryd, Småland, Sweden


I would love to own....

Peder Severin Krøyer (1951-1909)

The Beach, Skagen, 1902

 Fishermen return from Sea, 1885

Fishermen at Nordstanden on a Summer's Eve, 1891

Skagen Fishermen set Sails, 1884

 Stenbjerg with Marie painting, 1889

Det er Richs der drik's

In World War II, acorns were used to make coffee, as were roasted chicory and grain
Richs was a well-known wartime Danish coffee substitute made of chicory, rye and sugar beet.
Actually the non-coffee Richs coffee was known since 1834 when C.F. Rich & Sønner A/S
started making it and later, in 1897, De Danske Cikoriefabrikker. Like other coffee 
substitutes one could drink Richs both alone or mixed with real coffee

If you read Danish you should visit Henning's website
and leans more about Richs

Danish ladies drinking coffee outside, summer ca. 1943
 Kvindemuseet, Århus

Chicory - Photo by Alvesgaspar

Richs ad 1940

Art by Christina James Nielsen

Materials: Metal thread and hand embroideredfabric 
Frame: Antic oval frame

Christina James Nielsen's website:

Materials: metal wire, pearls and embroidery on fabric

'A bag full of love and jewellery'
Materials: Metal wireand string


Koira Ja Kissa kitchen towels

Traditionally cats and dogs are often not the best of friends, but these 
beautiful washed linen & cotton tea towels show the duo in perfect harmony.
Designed by Makoto Kagoshima for Finnish Lapuan Kankurit, these jacquard woven 
towels are super soft, and thanks to the washing treatment in production, 
they are super absorbent too - 48 x 70 cm/19.2 x 28"

Purchase the kitchen towels here:

Elsa Beskow (1874-1953)

Orange fox family DIY kit

Make your own family of foxes with this adorable kit that includes 
simple instuctions and printed cotton sheets to create one parent and two cubs.  
To add to the cuteness each fox's eyes are open on the front and 
closed on the reverse.  Made in Finland.

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