Hardangervidda National Park in winter dress

Hardangervidda National Park at 3,422 square kilometers, is Norway's 
largest national park. It spans from Numedal and Uvdal in the east and Røvelseggi 
and Ullensvang in the west across the Hardanger mountain plateau (Hardangervidda). 
Designated as a national park in 1981, today it serves as a popular tourist destination
 for activities such as hiking, climbing, fishing, and cross-country skiing 

 The name Hardangervidda is put together by the name of the district  
Hardanger and the finite form of 'vidde', 'wide plain, large mountain plateau'

 'Red fox on the Hardangervidda'
photo by Klaus Meyer

Several hundred nomadic stone age settlements have been found in the area, 
most likely related to the migration of the reindeer. Ancient trails cross the plateau, 
linking western and eastern Norway; one example is the 'Nordmannsslepa' linking  
Eidfjord and Veggli in the Numedal valley with Hol and Uvdal

The Hardangervidda Nature Centre (Natursenter) holds many 
interesting exhibits with both living and prepared animals. White polar fox

Photo by Aleksander Gjøsæter


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So beautiful!

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