Two Norwegian friends...

 Meet Tinni (the dog on the left) and Sniffer (the fox on the right).
They are best friends who live together in the Norwegian forest.

These stunning photos are by Torgeir Berge. He is 
Tinni’s guardian and has watched the development of his dog's 
incredible relationship with this wild fox. Torgeir Berge and his writing 
partner Berit Helberg are planning a book for children and 
adults full of fairy tales and Berge’s beautiful photos

Please, go here and read about the Tinni and Sniffer book
on Berit Helbergsite's website and blog


Gonny said...

Wauw, so special! Thanks for sharing! Have a nice day, Gonny

Karen said...

How wonderful! :)

dori said...

Great shoots!!

Aputsiaq Mette said...

Oh yes, I think they are so amazing...and so is a friendship between a fox and a dog :O)